I purchased this new tablet through GearBest which is an online retailer specialising in products from China. As you might expect, some things get lost in translation but on the whole this seems to have been a good purchase.

The price changes day by day and I managed to pick it up for £152 with about a 3 week wait. In fact I’m writing this review on the tablet right now.




The device itself is a good size, the screen is bright, it’s mostly responsive to touch, and is lightweight. There were some minor problems though:

  • There was no launcher installed. This meant there was no button to list all apps despite Launch3 apparently being installed. I managed to install it from the play store which seems to be fine.
  • Netflix says it isn’t compatible with this device and so cannot be installed from the Play store.
  • Ingress won’t load because it can’t find the location.
  • Apps will minimise if you double tap the fingerprint scanner which is in an awkward place to avoid.
  • It does not come already rooted.
  • There is one Chinese only app and it cannot be uninstalled. It is some sort of app hiding app from what I can read using Google Translate live translation from my phone’s camera.


It seems to be a decent device so far and is much easier to read articles and code on than my phone.