Just a quick note, I’ve just installed Pidgin and gotten rid of Google Hangouts because it seems to be abandoned. There are hundreds of bad reviews, a lot of them quite helpful to the developers, but there’s been no significant update to Hangouts for months.

For me, I have finally had enough of the fact that I can’t sign out on one device and stay logged in on another and that the notifications appear on all devices simultaneously regardless of whether I want them to or not. Also, snoozing them affects all devices which means you can’t silence the notifications on your PC but leave them active on your phone.

What really takes the biscuit iss that the Google Chrome webstore is designed to stop you leaving bad reviews. Once I had removed it from Chrome I was unable to post a review and after adding it again then posting the review I found that removing the extension from Chrome deleted the review I had just posted. So it seems the only way to leave any sort of forewarning for others is to keep the app you do not like installed and running.