Elite Dangerous is a massively multiplayer online role play game with a huge amount of space and wide-open gameplay with a few key areas for players to interact with. These are some links I have found to be particularly useful in the game.

The Road to Riches – Easy money from exploration of Earth Like Worlds, Water Worlds, and so on. By taking your ship out to these worlds and scanning them you will earn anything from 2 million to 6 million an hour.

Make sure not to explode, though, as you’ll only get your reward once getting back to a station and selling your data on the Stella Cartography section of Station Services.

https://www.edsm.net/ has several useful tools but I like this mainly because it shows an out of game log of what you’ve done, your credits, your ships, and a bunch of stats which can be shared with friends. You’ll need to use a tool to read your player logs and send them to the site, I use Elite Dangerous: Market Connector.

http://elitedangerous.hozbase.co.uk/ is useful for finding specific things like black holes to go sight-seeing.

Building your ship is the most expensive, and fun, thing you can do in the game made much easier with the excellent Coriolis tool. You can use this to see how much money you need to buy certain ships, use its links to find stations to buy the modules from, see how effective it’ll be at combat, and even plan out module engineering.