If you find yourself in Florida and can get to Disney I recommend the Tower of Terror!

It’s a vertical thrill ride preceded by a short & spooky tour of the hotel’s history. Be sure to catch the start wars march too.

BE ADVISED!! Alcohol is very expensive in Disney. A double JD and Coke was almost $13 including tax. Walmart has regular prices so you can relax with your favourite booze by the pool back at the hotel 😝

American food in Disney is good and the burgers are far better than anything I’ve had in the UK. One thing to note is that US meals and snacks tend to be much sweeter than you might be used to, Starbucks frappucinos had much more sugar/sweetener and there are some oddly delicious combinations of food like the Sweet & Spicy Chicken Waffel available in the Magic Kingdom.

Tasty, tasty, syrupy waffle sandwhich thing!

The roller coasters are more bumpy and longer lasting than most in the UK which means they’re a lot better, even the water rapids ride has a sudden drop and you absolutely will get wet!

Many of the rides are very dark inside, sometimes so dark you can’t see anything at all while you’re being thrown about. This might be fun for some but I like to see the lighting effects going on and all the artwork/models around the rides.

The Dinosaur ride simulates a time traveling visit to the past when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. It is a tribute trip through time with great special effects and some surprising dinosaurs leaving it if the dark at you.