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Google Hangouts

Just a quick note, I’ve just installed Pidgin and gotten rid of Google Hangouts because it seems to be abandoned. There are hundreds of bad reviews, a lot of them quite helpful to the developers, but there’s been no significant update to Hangouts for… Continue Reading →

Whatever Happens Care Plan

While reading up on the Surface Pro 2, which I would like to buy at some point, I decided to take a look at PC World’s Whatever Happens care plan and found something pretty vital: you are NOT covered for accidental damage!… Continue Reading →

Blog Feedback!

I got this by email and it just made my evening: “Just wanted to let you know your SetUUID tool was very appreciated.  I had the same situation as you (VHD on a separate drive from the snapshot) and had… Continue Reading →

New Blog

This is the dev site of my new blog. I’ve made this software myself and the source will may be available ‘soon’ ish… 😛 UPDATE: Posts have been transferred over to WordPress, a much more feature rich blogging platform than I could write by myself!

Logitech Gaming Software

I bought a new mouse (G400) and tried to install the software but just got a runtime error regarding the C++ redistributable so I checked the forum but only found people saying to reinstall the software which, of course, doesn’t… Continue Reading →


The up and coming standard for website code is buzzing around the internet with most people saying its better than everything that came before it. However, their opinions are based solely on the fact this HTML 5 contains new tags… Continue Reading →

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