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Let’s Encrypt Free SSL on Windows!

Letsencrypt had been around for a while now and is supported by very big names in tech such as Facebook, Mozilla, Cisco, and a lot more. The free service is there to allow anyone to have a secure website which helps… Continue Reading →

Get Computer Model with WMIC

Windows Management Instrumentation can be a crucial tool in day to day IT tasks. One thing I often use it for is getting the model of a server or PC because it’s quicker to type the query than go to… Continue Reading →

What Is My IP?

I needed a quick way to find my IP without using Telnet so I added to my site. Here’s the ASP Classic  code because I was feeling nostalgic. <%@Language=”VBScript”%> <% If Request.QueryString(“debug”) = “1” Then Response.Write(“<pre>”) For Each x in Request.ServerVariables… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Edge hmm we can’t reach this page

Microsoft Edge, the new name for (or replacement to) Internet Explorer, has a bug where it may not be possible to browse any websites unless you are connected to a ‘Private’ network. Changing the network location has traditionally been very… Continue Reading →

Voice Attack Notes for Elite Dangerous

I’ve been playing Elite Dangerous and wanted a way to quickly make notes with Voice Attack so created a quick test which seems to work for brief information such as trade values. This only supports making one note but could be expanded into a… Continue Reading →

Things To Do In Your City

Here’s a list of things you could do in your city. Some may not apply to your particular locale for whatever reason but this is just a list I thought up while bored and have been adding to.   Go-Karting… Continue Reading →

Missing Apps on OnePlus or Cyanogen

When apps go missing but you know they’re installed it could be because you’ve set them to ‘protected’ which is a feature of Cyanogen. To get them back, tap options while on the home screen then the three dots above… Continue Reading →

Remove Search Bar in OnePlus or Cyanogen

To remove the Google search bar at the top of your home screen tap the options button while at the desktop and select the three dots above “widgets” then turn Search Bar off (highlighted here in yellow). The OnePlus uses… Continue Reading →

Delete Xamarin Bonjour Service After Uninstalling Xamarin

The Bonjour service is an Apple product used by several applications to discover other devices on the network. It seems to be useful if you use Apple products but it became a problem when I uninstalled Xamarin and found Bonjour… Continue Reading →

Find Out IP Using Telnet

UPDATE: IP service no longer online! I moved hosting and decided not to setup the IP echo telnet app again I found a useful service on and thought I’d like to have a go at making something myself. So, now you… Continue Reading →

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