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C# .NET Custom ConfigurationSection, ConfigurationElementCollection, and ConfigurationElement

The built in configuration classes for .NET are powerful and incredibly useful but can be quite confusing due to their flexibility. This is a simple example of a custom ConfigurationSection with custom element names and nested ConfigurationElementCollection objects. FIRST:¬†Add a… Continue Reading →

Which .NET Version is Installed?

I’ve found myself needing to know which version(s) of the .NET are installed on a server and the easiest way I’ve discovered is to browse to the directory and check the version on mscor*.dll files. Browse to this directory which… Continue Reading →

WMI Windows Management Instrumentation

I am running a VPS with only 50Gb disk space so have to regularly clear log files and such which, as an unimportant server only personal stuff, I wasn’t too fussed about automating. This VPS was purchased originally so I… Continue Reading →

C#.NET Scripting Support In Your Applications

This is a technical blog post today that I hope will be fairly useful to everyone out there. I have wondered how to actually include scripting abilities within my applications and today I decided to figure it out. The process… Continue Reading →

A small class to take screen shots in C# NET

This is very simple but I wanted to test the Syntax highlighter I just installed on the blog. using System; using System.IO; using System.IO.Compression; using System.Drawing; using System.Drawing.Imaging using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Windows.Forms; public class Screenshot { List _screenImages = new… Continue Reading →

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