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Name Validation

tl/dr: Only validate to make sure Firstname OR Lastname has been entered and make sure you set maxlength to over 800 characters! Names. Every person on the planet has one or they at least have something by which they are… Continue Reading →

C# .NET Custom ConfigurationSection, ConfigurationElementCollection, and ConfigurationElement

The built in configuration classes for .NET are powerful and incredibly useful but can be quite confusing due to their flexibility. This is a simple example of a custom ConfigurationSection with custom element names and nested ConfigurationElementCollection objects. FIRST: Add a… Continue Reading →

Converting ASP Classic to PHP5

I posted a while ago that I added a page with ASP Classic to show your current IP. This worked because the site was being hosted in IIS with ASP.NET, ASP Classic, and PHP all enabled but I have now moved… Continue Reading →

Review of Udemy Online Learning

At the start of 2018 Udemy ran a promotion where courses could be purchased for up to 95% off their original price so, naturally, I had to take advantage of this and picked up an The Complete Android N Developer… Continue Reading →

TLD & IP Regex

I needed to validate both a domain name and IP addresses in one regular expression (or: regex) and put this together: (^((\w|\-|\d)+\.)+\w{2,20}$)|(^(\d{1,3}\.){3}\d{1,3}$) It’ll match a single line to validate an IP or domain name, including any of the new TLDs… Continue Reading →

What Is My IP?

I needed a quick way to find my IP without using Telnet so I added to my site. Here’s the ASP Classic  code because I was feeling nostalgic. <%@Language=”VBScript”%> <% If Request.QueryString(“debug”) = “1” Then Response.Write(“<pre>”) For Each x in Request.ServerVariables… Continue Reading →

Security Mini Puzzle is a little game I made for you to test your knowledge of some basic security problems in website development. In order to reach the end of the puzzle you’ll need to demonstrate a good understanding of the basic pitfalls… Continue Reading →

SQL Injection Example

For years I’ve known that SQL injection is bad and how to protect against it. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that everything except the very first classic ASP pages I wrote were safe against malicious SQL… Continue Reading →

SpamAssasin Wrapper

UPDATE NOTE: This application was for an older version, do not use it anymore! I have built a little application to get SpamAssasin working with Mail Enable as the old SAPlugin.exe didn’t seem to work for me. It’s pretty simple… Continue Reading →

Parent UUID of the medium does not match UUID of its parent

I recently discovered a problem with Oracle’s VirtualBox that seems to be caused by having snapshots stored in a directory that is not right below the VHD file. I don’t know if this affects other virtual disk formats but VBox… Continue Reading →

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